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Child Traumatic Stress


Children experience stress in coping with family conflict, divorce, changes in schools and living situations and peer pressure.

When stressed, some children may become irritable, withdrawn, cry or become aggressive.

Others may complain of physical pain, have difficulty sleeping or be fearful.

In most cases, children overcome feelings of stress and learn to cope with difficult situations. For some, however, stress interferes with their daily life, a situation known as traumatic stress.

What is Child Traumatic Stress?

Trauma occurs when a child experiences an event that causes or threatens harm to his/her physical and emotional well-being.

Those who experience traumatic stress have been exposed to one or more traumas and develop reactions affecting their daily lives even after the events have stopped.

If your child has experienced a traumatic event that is affecting him/her academically, socially, physically or emotionally, we can help.

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