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Infant Program


The infant program serves up to eight children ages six weeks to 18 months.

We focus on physical, emotional, cognitive and social development in an environment that encourages active exploration.

The activities and materials are concrete and relevant to young children and their interests.

Feeding and individual attention are integral parts of the infant program's routine.

These are times for social interaction and conversation that infants need to develop into confident children.

What to Bring

  • Disposable diapers, wipes, ointment or another skin protection product

  • Current picture of child with parent/guardians and family photos

  • Proper clothing, i.e., hats, mittens, boots and warm clothing in the winter and three complete changes of everyday clothing

  • Breast milk or formula in labeled bottles (dated and prioritized)

  • Ready-to-feed food, such as commercially packaged baby food or homemade labeled food

  • Your child's birth certificate

  • Copy of driver's license of everyone permitted to pick up your child except parent(s) or legal guardian

Your Child's Development

We assess each child's development through development assessment conferences and portfolios.

The conferences allow teachers and parents to share information, learn how programming is working for families and create individual goals. A parent or legal guardian is required to attend.

Conferences are held at least twice yearly and more often if the parent or staff deem necessary.

Questions? Please call (207) 626-2626.