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First Treatment


Radiation treatments do not hurt and take only a few minutes to deliver. They are administered over several weeks.

Your therapists will set you up in the same position you were in for your simulation.

We spend more time preparing you for treatments than administering radiation.

On your first day, we will take films to verify your set up and have the doctor review them before we deliver the first treatment.

When the treatment machine is operating, you will be alone in the room while therapists monitor you by camera.

Rest assured, you are in direct communication with your therapist at all times. There is an intercom as well as a camera in the room so your therapist can see and hear you.

Treatment Schedule

You and your radiation oncologist will determine your treatment course.

Treatments are given Monday through Friday. Our staff will accommodate your work and family needs whenever possible.

If you need to change your appointment, please speak with your therapist.

Routine Exams

Your radation oncologist and nurses will meet with you at least once a week during your course of radiation to update you on your treatments.

These meetings will also allow them to check for side effects and the need for medication, as well as answer any qqestions or address any concerns you may have.