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Consultation Appointment

If you are considering radiation therapy, you must first meet with a radiation oncologist to see if radiation therapy is right for you. Here are the steps:
  • During your first visit, a radiation nurse will take a brief medical history and will ask you about your medications, allergies, past surgeries and symptoms. The nurse will take your vital signs including your blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature and weight.

  • Next, your doctor will evaluate your need for radiation therapy and its likely results. The doctor also will perform a physical exam to determine the extent of your disease and your general physical condition.

  • After reviewing your medical tests - which include CT scans, MRI scans and PET scans - and completing a thorough examination, your radiation oncologist will discuss with you the potential benefits and risks of radiation therapy and answer your questions.

Many patients find it helpful to have a family member or friend sit in on this discussion.