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Billing and Insurance Information


We're committed to making your treatment successful.

Your initial consult will cost between $250 - $350 and includes a detailed history and physical exam. There may be additional fees if we do testing (e.g. allergy skin testing and pulmonary function testing).

All patients must complete our information and insurance form before seeing the doctor.


To accommodate our patients, we are enrolled in numerous insurance plans. 

With your cooperation, and our assistance, you should be able to receive all of the insurance benefits to which you're entitled. Each plan has its own restrictions regarding where and how often services are rendered.

You are responsible to understand your plan guidelines and inform us of any special requirements; not doing so may result in uncovered services which would become your responsibility.


Many insurance policies require a written referral from your primary care provider. If a referral is required, please contact your provider.

Insurance plans vary with terms of coverage for allergy and asthma services. We will work with you to make sure you receive all of your eligible insurance benefits.

We will collect any insurance co-payment at your appointment.

For patients without insurance, payment is due at the time of service, unless prior payment arrangements have been made. We can discuss reasonable payment options with you.

Please discuss any billing/insurance issues with our billing staff prior to your visit. Please call us at (207) 622-8660 if you have questions or concerns.