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Brenda R

I have been a nurse at MaineGeneral since 2005 and the wound nurse specialist since 2011.
My love of wound care started at the beginning of my career when I worked on a surgical/trauma unit at Maine Medical Center that was often informally called “the wound unit.”
Since that time, I’ve developed a continued passion for wound care and the challenges associated with it. I enjoy working with patients and families to discover each individual’s unique needs. It’s rewarding to see challenging wounds heal and to share that victory with my patients.
I achieved board certification as a certified wound specialist in 2012. The certified wound specialist certification is a formal recognition of master’s degree-level knowledge and specialized expertise in wound management endorsed by the American Board of Wound Management.
I’m also a member of the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, an organization dedicated to the research and clinical application of evidence-based wound care.