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Wound Care Services

MaineGeneral HomeCare nurses and therapists provide special Wound Care Services to prevent wound complication and promote healing.  
Wound care is an important part of physical healing.  
MaineGeneral HomeCare has a wound specialist on staff who is an expert in wound care and can provide extra support and guidance to patients and families – as well as to other members of our team.  

Services Provided

  • Treatments based upon the type of wound
    • Pressure
    • Diabetic
    • Traumatic injury
    • Surgical
  • Recommendations to support wound healing such as those for nutritional support or positioning to reduce pressure

  • Education for patients and their families on wound care procedures and caring for an ostomy

Mimi D.
Mimi is one of the MaineGeneral HomeCare nurses who helps patients with wound care issues.

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