I want to ...

Kelly R.


I have worked at MaineGeneral for nine years, seven of which have been at MaineGeneral HomeCare & Hospice.  I worked in a large physician practice before I came here and was looking to take on a new challenge. Having a degree in social work, I thought this might be a perfect fit for me.

In the first few months I was here I learned so much about the many services we offer  to our community.  It’s incredible to know that you can have excellent care right in your home.

Learning about hospice care also was very important to me. A close friend lost her mom a few years ago and I remember hearing her talk about the nurse who came into her house to see her mom. She said the nurse was knowledgeable and friendly and made the process a little easier.  It melted my heart knowing she was speaking about one of the nurses I see every day. 

Being a part of this team has been so rewarding. I go to work each day knowing that the daily office functions I do make it easier for our staff to care for others. If I had a family member or friend in in need of homecare or hospice services I would feel very grateful to have them cared for by the MaineGeneral HomeCare & Hospice team!