I want to ...

David P.


David P. thought he was dying.  
Severe kidney failure, diabetes and other health conditions –— as well as depression –— brought him to an all-time low.  
He and his wife Lisa say he was so sick that he couldn't eat or get out of bed, and he depended fully on others for round-the-clock care. A day came when the couple wondered if a different approach and frame of mind could provide a different outcome. 
David had been visited at least twice by MaineGeneral HomeCare therapist, John DelGiudice.  
John told David that this was a partnership –— that he could make some improvements but that David would need to work hard and do his share.  David wasn't willing to work the plan at the time and was discharged from the therapy program.  After several months of “dying," David considered John’s words and asked for him to return.  
John returned and again let David know that if this effort was going to work, David had to give his all. This time, David agreed and the two men entered into a therapeutic and trusting relationship.  David looked forward to his therapy home visits and says John knew just how hard to push and how to encourage his participation.  
HomeCare therapy started very slowly for David, whose ultimate goal was to walk around in his home, and travel to his camp, a place David absolutely loves and thought he might never visit again.  
Very small short term goals were set –— together. John taught Lisa how to be part of the treatment plan as well, so David wouldn't regress between visits. David’s physician, therapist and family work together successfully on his plan. At first, David had to sit up twice a day. Finally, he moved from being totally bedbound to walking to his truck. And, in June, he triumphantly visited his camp!
David is very thankful for his new quality of life and says his days have meaning and purpose.  Having care from MaineGeneral HomeCare made all the difference for David. 
"MaineGeneral HomeCare is outstanding," he says. "I'd recommend this care to anyone!"