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Rehabilitation Services


MaineGeneral's HomeCare Therapy team works with you and your primary care provider to develop a plan of care that meets your needs and goals.  

Our expert therapists help patients regain the function needed to return to everyday activities.  

The beauty of therapy services provided in the home is that our team can help you to adapt and modify your own environment or routines. 

Physical Therapists

  • Work closely with patients who have joint problems or before and after joint surgery

  • Can help patients with various conditions to rebuild strength, mobility and stamina

  • Can help prevent falls and address balance concerns

Occupational Therapists

  • Can help patients, after a stroke or other conditions, to recover activities of daily living and improve quality of life

  • Work with patients after shoulder injury or surgery

  • Help connect patients with the right equipment to adapt their home environment or use for effective care

Speech Therapists

  • Help when patients have difficulty swallowing

  • Assist patients with memory, attention and problem-solving

  • Treat patients with speech problems

  • Train in other ways to communicate when talking is difficult

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